Omics (proteomics, genomics and metabolomics) and biophysical characterization techniques.
Infrastructure that allows both omics (genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics) and biophysical (calorimetry, EPR) characterization associated with the biological application of nanomaterials.

External service managed by IACS Protein separation by 1D and 2D electrophoresis; Differential protein expression by DIGE and iTRAQ; Protein identification by MALDI-TOF/TOF; Protein identification in complex LC-ESI-MS/MS mixtures; Quantification of known proteins by nano LC-MS (MRM); Quantification of known metabolites by HPLC-MS (MRM).

Equipment: 4800plus MALDI-TOF/TOF MSMS and Tempo LC-MALDI; 4000QTRAP, Tempo-Nano MDLC and HPLC 1200 RRL.



The Pharmacia PhastSystem high-speed electrophoresis system consists of a separation unit for system control and electrophoresis, and a gel staining unit. Electrophoresis is performed on a thermostatic plate capable of maintaining precise temperatures from 0 to +70°C. Multi-step programming capability allows gels to be preloaded, loaded and run automatically. Controlled parameters include: temperature, voltage, current, power and volt-hours.

Equipment: Pharmacia PhastSystem

Contact: Valeria Grazú (

Allows scanning and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins in gels, as well as chemiluminescent western blots.

Equipment: Biorad GelDoc Go System and Chemidoc.

Contact: María Moros (

Infrastructure necessary for the integral study of the content, functioning, origin and evolution of genomes, defined as the totality of genetic information possessed by an organism, and for the analysis of the relationship between genetic variants and the development of pathologies in humans. Services: DNA extraction, nucleic acid quantification, oligonucleotide design, DNA amplification by PCR, massive sequencing, pyrosequencing.



a) PCR thermocycler: This is a basic equipment that allows programming temperature cycles (from 4°C to 100°C) in aqueous samples. The equipment has a plate adapted to hold 96 PCR tubes (volume of each tube 0.2mL).

Equipment: Biorad T100 thermal cycler

Contacto: Silvia Hernández (

b) Real-time PCR: up to 96 samples can be analyzed at the same time, and has five detection channels.

Equipment: Biorad CFX Opus 96.

Contacto: María Moros (

The electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) laboratory of INMA has a Bruker ELEXSYS 580 spectrometer, capable of performing experiments in continuous mode in X and Q bands (around 9.5 GHz and 34 Ghz, respectively), and in pulsed mode in X band. It is the only pulsed EPR spectrometer currently available in Spain. This technique allows the characterization of paramagnetic states in systems of biological interest, including the study of redox mechanisms in proteins, structural characterization of active centers in metalloproteins, or the study of structures in intrinsically disordered proteins, among others. The technique also allows the characterization of paramagnetic systems in areas such as catalysis, spintronics or quantum computing with electronic spins.

Contact: Jesús Ignacio Martínez Martínez (

CLAUDIA of IIS Aragón offers to companies, research centers and other professionals, a specialized service of calorimetric analysis of human and animal clinical samples for research purposes, and of biological and pharmaceutical products.
The CLAUDIA unit offers the following services:
1/ TLB studies: oriented to the calorimetric analysis of serum/plasma of human/animal samples for research studies in the evaluation and follow-up of individuals in clinical studies.
2/ TDP studies: Oriented to the analysis of biotechnological products based on biomolecules (e.g. drugs, vaccines and proteins of biotechnological application) both in the field of biotechnological development and basic research (stability, conformation, aggregation) in biological products for treatment or diagnosis (e.g. proteins, lipid vesicles and liposomes, nanopolymers, etc.).

 Scientific leaders: Olga Abian Franco – Adrián Velázquez Campoy
Technical Manager: Sonia Hermoso Durán

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