PhD studies

A researcher in training who does his thesis at INMA has at his disposal the possibility of joining a reference research group, access to large research facilities, participate in conferences, seminars, lectures, have the ability to grow professionally to be oriented to the world of research in the company or in reference institutions, contact with the leading professionals in nanoscience and materials science research worldwide, ….

The aim of the institute is to attract talent to enhance their careers and to develop a highly competent scientific career. To this end, all selection processes are based on criteria of merit and ability.

If you are interested in doing a thesis with us, you can check the research pages of our website, the information of the groups and the section of job offers and grants and contact the researchers to consult what you need.

The doctoral programs in which INMA members participate are developed within the Doctoral School of the University of Zaragoza and are as follows:

Doctoral Program in Physics

Doctoral Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Doctoral Program in Chemical and Environment Engineering

Doctoral Program in Analytical Science in Chemistry

Doctoral Program in Organic Chemistry

Doctoral Program in Physical Chemistry

Offer of doctoral theses to be carried out at INMA

Subject: In situ TEM Studies of Carbon and Related Nanostructures. Supervisor: Raúl Arenal
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Integration of molecular qubits, radicals and proteins for fabrication of spin quantum processors. Supervisor: Anabel Gracia Lostao

Subject: Antidot nano-arrays for magnonics and logic applications . Supervisor: Julia Herrero y Fernando Bartolomé
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Growth and characterization of 3d-5d oxide multilayers for spintronics devices Supervisor: Mª Ángeles Laguna
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Wavelength-selective neutron imaging and tomography techniques to study batteries in real in operando conditions Supervisor: Ángel Larrea
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Baterías de Li de estado sólido basadas en electrolitos híbridos Supervisor: Alodia Orera
Program: Doctorado en Física o Doctorado en Ingeniería Química

Subject: Nanoestructuras Plasmónicas y Espectroscopia Raman-SERS para identificación de agentes patogénicos en bioaresoles Supervisor: Pilar Pina
Program: Doctorado en Ingeniería Química y del Medio Ambiente

Subject: Design, synthesis and characterization of optoelectric devices at the atomic and molecular scale Supervisor: David Serrate
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Quantum properties of individual spins on surfaces Supervisor: David Serrate
Program: Doctorado en Física

Subject: Matryoshka-like nanoformulations for sustained therapeutic delivery Supervisor: Silvia Hernández Aínsa y Jesús del Barrio
Program: Doctorado en Química Orgánica

Subject: Fluorescence liquid biopsy cancer detection boosted by taylor-made dendritic polyelectrolytes Supervisor: Teresa Sierra y Luis Oriol
Program: Doctorado en Química Orgánica

Subject: Ferroic materials for low energy consumption: Magneto-electric (ME) coupling and green refrigeration based on the electrocaloric (EC) effect Supervisor: Gloria Subías
Program: Doctorado en Ciencia de Materiales

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