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Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA)

We intend that these pages serve as a vehicle for communicating our activities to society, hoping that everything you need to know about the institute will be easily accessible on this web portal. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you need or any suggestion you wish to send us.

INMA is a recently created research center (July 17, 2020) by agreement between the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) as a Joint Institute dependent on both institutions. BOE de 16 de julio de 2020.


Institute staff at Campus Plaza San Francisco
Institute staff at the Río Ebro Campus


INMA aims to carry out, in a collaborative framework, research, training, transfer and dissemination activities in the field of nanoscience and materials science and technology, promoting an interdisciplinary approach. In compliance with its mission, INMA will have the following general objectives:
– Contribute to the advancement of research and technological development in Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Materials Science and Technology and to its international projection.
– Develop quality research with a global approach and a multidisciplinary approach, contributing both to the advancement of knowledge and to the resolution of specific problems raised from different areas of society, which will be the main hallmark of INMA.
– Collaborate with public administrations and contribute to the progress and increase of the competitiveness of the productive sector through the national and international dissemination of the knowledge generated and the transfer of its results, improving the living conditions of society.
– Promote scientific culture by disseminating its activities to society.
– To ensure that the research carried out has an impact on the improvement of university teaching, and vice versa.


To be the Institute for research in nanoscience and reference materials with broad national visibility and growing international projection, attracting the best young research talent with a dynamic, flexible and collaborative organization.


To achieve this vision, the values on which INMA’s activity is based are:
– Ethics and honesty
– Excellence and quality
– Responsibility (scientific and social)
– Creativity
– Interdisciplinarity
– Innovation
– Commitment.

Currently, the INMA staff is made up of 295 people, of which approximately half are permanent researchers, both from UNIZAR and the CSIC, and the rest are contracted personnel (interns, contracted, post-docs, JAE, technicians, ARAID). The INMA and the ISQCH share a center for administrative services and research support, the so-called CEQMA, to optimize the available resources.


From left to right: Conrado Rillo Millán (Director), María Pilar Pina Iritia (Vice-Directora) y Luis Martín Moreno (Vice-Director).

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