Department 5: Multifunctional magnetic materials

Head of Department: Cristina Piquer

The resarch line covers the study of a great variety of magnetic materials as well as the magnetism of systems at different size scales. Starting with the study of local atomic properties and having means to synthesize and produce molecules, nano structures, micro structures, and macroscopic systems, the different groups leader projects worldwide on a great variety of hot and basic phenomena. Moreover applied research and technology transfer is pursued.

Magnetic materials with potential technological interest are the centre of interest of this research line. Thus, the relationship between macroscopic and microscopic properties of functional and size controlled magnetic materials, starting at the nano scale level, the correlation between macroscopic physical properties and the microscopic electronic structure of mixed oxides, quantum and collective phenomena at low temperatures on magnets with different size scales, as well as the thermal, magnetic and optical properties of molecular magnets and intermetallics with high magneto-caloric effect, are investigated. Expertise on the use of large scale facilities, as Synchrotron Radiation and neutron Diffraction, and on the development of theoretical and advanced intrumentation tools for basic and industrial research, allows ambitious goals to be fulfilled. Innovation and development activities are also carried out, such as the development of new cryogenic sensors, applications connected with Industrial Magnetism, new refrigeration techniques, quantum metrology and quantum information.

Groups belonging to department 5

Synchrotron Radiation and Materials - Research and Applications (RASMIA)


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