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The Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA), in its work of dissemination and promotion of scientific culture in favor of equality participates in the celebration of the Día Internacional de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia, with the aim of making visible, inspire and promote the participation of women and girls in science.

This initiative arose as an initiative of the United Nations General Assembly decided to proclaim in 2016, in order to achieve access and full and equal participation in science for women and girls, and also to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

Within this initiative, the INMA presents a wide program of outreach activities that includes exhibitions, round tables, contests, gymkhanas, activities in bars and a series of scientific talks aimed at schools and face-to-face workshops.

11 February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the work done by women scientists in order to close the gender gap in science. Our centre has been participating in this initiative since its beginnings in 2016, with workshops, talks in schools, round tables and other varied and numerous activities.

On the occasion of this celebration and always with the aim of promoting scientific vocations among students (in this case, with special emphasis on female students) this year 2021 the following activities have been developed:




INMA researchers participated in many other activities, including: appearances in the press (https://www.heraldo.es/noticias/aragon/2021/02/20/lucia-gutierrez-marruedo-investigadora-hemos-visto-que-la-inversion-en-ciencia-tiene-resultados-1421154.html), participation in the campaign Campana Mupis 11F: photos of scientists in our neighbourhoods doing everyday things to break stereotypes (Mª Pilar Pina) (https://www.heraldo.es/noticias/aragon/2021/02/09/en-el-11f-once-investigadoras-demuestran-que-la-ciencia-es-tu-vecina-campana-mupis-zaragoza-1419191.html).

R&D&i activity carried out by the University of Zaragoza through its own and mixed University Research Institutes and financed by the Government of Aragon.

Press releases


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