Woman and science

11 February, International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of the work done by women scientists in order to close the gender gap in science. Our centre has been participating in this initiative since its beginnings in 2016, with workshops, talks in schools, round tables and other varied and numerous activities.

On the occasion of this celebration and always with the aim of promoting scientific vocations among students (in this case, with special emphasis on female students) this year 2021 the following activities have been developed:


Under the umbrella of videoconferences, our researchers have given talks on Women and Science in the following schools and institutes:

  • María Inmaculada – Claretianas School
  • Clara Campoamor Secondary School
  • Cardenal Xavierre School
  • CPI Rosales del Canal
  • CEIP Margarita Salas Primary School
  • Anfora International School
  • CEIP Joaquín Costa


Our researchers took part in the round table:

  • María José Martínez Pérez
  • María Bernechea
  • María Moros Caballero


INMA researchers participated in many other activities, including: appearances in the press (https://www.heraldo.es/noticias/aragon/2021/02/20/lucia-gutierrez-marruedo-investigadora-hemos-visto-que-la-inversion-en-ciencia-tiene-resultados-1421154.html), participation in the campaign Campana Mupis 11F: photos of scientists in our neighbourhoods doing everyday things to break stereotypes (Mª Pilar Pina) (https://www.heraldo.es/noticias/aragon/2021/02/09/en-el-11f-once-investigadoras-demuestran-que-la-ciencia-es-tu-vecina-campana-mupis-zaragoza-1419191.html).

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