The INMA is a center highly committed to outreach and therefore this activity is one of the objectives included in its Strategic Plan.

From the INMA numerous science outreach activities are carried out. These activities are aimed at different types of audiences to try to cover all levels of society. The objectives are: to promote interest in science, communicate the importance of scientific advances in different areas of research, transmit the work being done every day in a prestigious research center and encourage scientific vocations. These activities in many cases are subsidized by regional, national and international funds, with the INMA with outreach projects funded by calls FECYT, Erasmus + and private entities (SAMCA Chair).

For more information on any of our outreach activities, please contact Science Communication & Outreach (SCOSU) at the following e-mail address o por teléfono 876554096 (Ext. 844096) / 646196596 (Ext. 947245).

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