The Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón (INMA), CSIC-UNIZAR, is a research institute aware of and committed to the current demand of society, which increasingly demands to know the work of researchers and the benefits that this research brings to them as citizens.

To promote this line of action, the INMA has, since 2017, a Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation, accredited by the FECYT- Ministry of Science and Innovation that offers its researchers the necessary support for:

– The dissemination of research work / awards / congresses / conferences / lectures / thesis readings, etc., in both internal (web, social networks, iCEQMA, iCIENCIAS, IUNIZAR etc.) and external, regional and national media (press/radio/television).

Training in science outreach and dissemination, through specific courses for all those who wish to get started in science outreach and dissemination activities in society.

– Participation in the different initiatives to disseminate science developed by the INMA: talks in educational centres (from children’s to university) and leisure centres such as bars or fairs, workshops, guided tours, documentaries, video games, competitions, etc.

– The development of dissemination and diffusion activities that need to be included in certain research projects.

It should be noted that INMA has a Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+i), accredited by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Innovation, responsible for the coordination of dissemination and outreach work and whose work has received international, national and regional recognition and awards.

For more information, you can contact the Science Communication & Outreach Unit (SCOSU) by e-mail inma.rrss@unizar.es, or by telephone 876554096 (Ext. 844096) / 646196596 (Ext. 947245).

R&D&i activity carried out by the University of Zaragoza through its own and mixed University Research Institutes and financed by the Government of Aragon.

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