Protocols and prevention against harassment

Both the University of Zaragoza and the CSIC have a zero tolerance policy against harassment. In order to provide tools for the protection of its members, both institutions have support offices and protocols in this area.

Here at the INMA, as a joint center University of Zaragoza – CSIC, depending on what affiliation you have, you can go to the units responsible for each institution. Also remember that we can always help and accompany you if you need it from the INMA Equality Committee.

In the case of researchers ARAID, CIBER, or others, you should also contact those responsible for harassment protocols of these agencies or organizations.

For any questions, situation or need, please contact us via email, anonymously via our mailbox or asking in person at the INMA Management (Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza, Gerencia del INMA,

University of Zaragoza





  • Contact person: Amaya Rivera, Head of the Human Resources Department.
  • In order to guarantee the confidentiality of any complaint, report or communication of a harassment situation, CIBER enables the e-mail account to which only the persons in charge of processing the complaint will have access.



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