Spin offs

INMA has a policy of favouring technology transference that includes the promotion of spin-offs creation based on technologies or knowledge carried out at the institute. INMA research staff has created 4 spin offs and is currently in the process of starting 2 new spin offs.

Nanoimmunotech is a nanobiotechnology company launched in 2009. It is focused on the synthesis/bioconjugation of nanomaterials and the development of nanobiosensors based on HEATSENS®️ technology.

nanoScale Biomagnetic is a company launched in 2008 and dedicated to develop instrumentation for magnetic nanoheating

Glasskin was created in 2020 being focused on the use of laser furnaces to improve and transform glass for different applications.

GPNT dedicated to the production and distribution of epitaxial graphene. It was launched in 2014 and suspended its activity in 2019.


Biomagnetics SL

DESCRIPTION: nB nanoScale Biomagnetics is a technology based company established in 2008 with the objective of giving an answer to the instrumentation needs of magnetic hyperthermia research and other applications of nanoHeating, the magnetic heating of nanomaterials.
nB’s main line of products, the D5 Series, is an immediate and reliable tool for nanoHeating research through all its stages: from magnetic characterization to clinical application.
Installed in laboratories in more than 20 countries across the globe, nB’s instruments have set a new quality standard on the industry, and lead the way to reliable, scalable and affordable instrumentation for nanoHeating.

ORIGIN: nB was launched at 2008 as a Spin-off of the University of Zaragoza resulting from the joint entrepreneurship venture of INMA’s researchers, Ricardo Ibarra and Gerardo Goya, and Engineer Nicolás Cassinelli (CEO).

ACTIVITY PERIOD: 2008 – 2023

COMPANY ADDRESS: Alaún 14, Nave 7, CP 50197, Zaragoza (Spain).

WEB PAGE: https://www.nbnanoscale.com

Ricardo Ibarra: founder, INMA group: MAGNA
Gerardo Goya: founder, INMA group: MAGNA

– [European Project: HOTZYMES; 2019-2022]: nB is a partner of the FET OPEN Project HOTZYMES that is coordinated by INMA researcher Valeria Grazú (INMA group: Bionanosurf).
– [European Project: TBMED; 2019-2022]: nB is a partner of TBMED H2020-NMBP Project in which the INMA researcher Raluca Fratila (INMA group: Bionanosurf) also participates as partner.
– [National Project: Nanoheat, 2018-2021]: nB was the leading partner of Nanoheat project (RTC-2017-6620-1) funded by MINECO, in which INMA researcher Gerardo Goya also participated as partner.
– [National Project: HelloKit, 2012-2014]: nB was the leading partner of HelloKit project (IPT-2012-0712-010000) funded by MINECO, in which INMA researchers Gerardo Goya and Jesús M de la Fuente also participated as partners.



DESCRIPTION: NIT is a biotechnology company that develop not only solutions for the synthesis and bioconjugation of nanomaterials but also highly specific biosensors based on HEATSENS® technology. This biosensing technology is characterized by higher specificity, higher sensitivity and shorter analysis time, resulting in greater versatility and lower costs.

ORIGIN: NIT was launched at 2009 as a Spin-off of the University of Zaragoza and the University of Vigo, and as fruit of collaboration between researchers of both institutions on the frame of the CONSOLIDER INGENIO project Nanotechnologies for Applications in Biomedicine (NANOBIOMED). The company have received several awards (Fundación Genoma España, Programa Empresa Concepto, V Unimprendia, among others) that allowed to bring the seminal “Business idea” to life.

ACTIVITY PERIOD : 2009 – 2023

COMPANY ADDRESS: Edificio CITEXVI Fonte das Abelleiras s/n, Campus Universitario de Vigo, CP36310 Vigo ( Pontevedra, Spain)

WEB PAGE: https://www.nanoimmunotech.eu/en

Ricardo Ibarra: founder, INMA group: MAGNA
Jesús Martínez de la Fuente: founder, INMA group: Bionanosurf
Valeria Grazú: founder and ex Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) (2014-2015), INMA group: Bionanosurf.

[TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY]: Licensed Multifunctionalization technology (WO/2012/150373) developed by INMA group (Bionanosurf), which boosted NIT consolidation since it allowed the granting of a 0.6 M€ loan given by CDTI.
[TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY]: Licensed Nanobiosensing technology (WO/2014/016465) developed by INMA group (Bionanosurf) and registered as a trademark (HEATSENS®). It has given rise to the core business line of NIT, having received support from EU commission through the concession of SMEs-Phase 1 and Phase 2 funding (HEATSENS_S, Project ID 733617).
– [EUROPEAN PROJECT: NanoTBtech; 2018-2020]: nB was a partner of FET OPEN Project NanoTBTech in which the INMA researcher Angel Millán (INMA group: Bionanosurf) also participates as partner.
[INNOVATION CONTRACT: 2021-2022]: with Bionanosurf group (IP: Jesús M de la Fuente).


Glasskim Tech, S.L.

DESCRIPTION: DESCRIPTION: Glassking Tech SL is a recently created company who has revolutionized the glass processing industry introducing laser to enhance glass mechanical properties, allowing to treat < 2mm glasses.

ORIGIN: The spin-off company emerged in collaboration between CSIC and BeAble Capital, management company of BeAble INNVIERTE KETS Fund, a Science Equity Fund based in Madrid, that invests in Deep Tech technologies

ACTIVITY PERIOD: 2020 – 2022

COMPANY ADDRESS: María de Luna 11, nave 14. 50018, Zaragoza (Spain)

WEB PAGE: https://glasskintech.com

Xermán de la Fuente Leis: founder, INMA group: LEMA
Luis Alberto Angurel: founder, INMA group: LEMA

– [TRANSFERENCE OF KNOW HOW]: Glasskin Tech has licensed Laser Furnace technology that arise during the implementation of two European projects from EU LIFE Programme (LIFE-11 ENV/ES/000560 and LIFE09 ENV/ES/000435)
– [R&D CONTRACT]: the company is currently performing a proof of concept that will last between 12 and 18 months under an R&D contract signed between the company, CSIC and UZ


Graphene Nanotech, S.L.

DESCRIPTION: GPNT is a technology company born in March 2014 whose corporate purpose consisted of research, production and distribution of epitaxial graphene prepared on silicon carbide (SiC) substrates for the development of new generation electronic devices, such as gas sensors, biosensors, cameras and antennas, among others.

ORIGIN: The company GPNT originally arises from the collaboration between private investors and researchers belonging to the Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon (INMA), and the National Microelectronics Center of Barcelona (CNM).


Ricardo Ibarra: founder, Grupo INMA: MAGNA
José María de Teresa: founder, Grupo INMA: NANOMIDAS

– [R&D CONTRACT]: Transference on know-how on high quality characterization of graphene by means of transmission electron microscopy, Raman spectrocopy and electrical transport measurements.

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