Equality at INMA

The INMA Equality Commission was set up as a result of the strong commitment of our research institute in where all its members have the same opportunities without distinction of sex, gender, origin, sexual orientation, ideology or any other situation that limits or affects the people’s right by the simple reason for being.

Without equality real progress cannot be achieved, neither in science nor in society.

Equality is a basic element in science, among other reasons, for two reasons:

– It is a bet on the best talent, quality and excellence and the maximum diversity of ideas.
– We ensure that scientific research favors the entire population, without any type of bias.

The Equality Commission has among its objectives:

– To ensure compliance with equality in the INMA at all levels and areas; as well as prevent and deal with possible situations that violate this equality.
– To train all the people who are part or interact with the INMA in terms of equality through actions or various initiatives.
– To inform and spread the word, news or initiatives that affect the INMA staff in relation to equality.

Your voice matters

We are always open to hearing incidents, suggestions and opinions. Or, if you are interested, join and be part of the Equality Commission!

In any case, you can contact us through the mail igualdad.inma@unizar.es, through our anonymous mailbox or by contacting any member of the commission. We are counting on you!

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