Physical properties and very low temperatures
Physical properties and very low temperatures
Physical properties and very low temperatures
Very low temperature techniques have historically been one of the flagships of Materials Science in Zaragoza. At INMA, the very low temperature laboratory of INMA is focused towards a future centered on quantum technologies: quantum computing, multifunctional molecular systems, quantum sensor design, quantum state engineering through molecular nano-architectures, etc.
Several very low temperature techniques are available at INMA in service regime (in conjunction with the UPS of the University of Zaragoza) or in own equipment.

Self-service dilution chiller in the UPS of the University of Zaragoza. This is a cryofree dilution chiller from Bluefors, model BF-LD250, installed in September 2020. It provides a cold platform with a base temperature of 7 mK where users will have the opportunity to install their experimental equipment (the flange of the mixing chamber has a diameter of 290 mm). It has 2+2 coaxial lines (2 input attenuated and 2 output, one of them with Low Noise Factory cryogenic amplifier 0.3-14 GHz, 36 dBm) and a removable superconducting coil (1 T, 100 mm inner space) The cooling power is 250 µW at 100 mK. 

Contact: Servicio Líquidos Criogénicos

Request: SAI

Equipment that allows heat transport and heat capacity measurements from a base temperature of 0.35 K on the UPS PPMS platforms.

Cryo-Free Dilution Cooler (no cryogenic liquids) with a base temperature of only 7 mK and a vector magnet (2 T – 0.5 T – 0.5 T). It has filtered dc wiring for electrical transport measurements. Four coaxial channels for microwave measurements (2 attenuated and amplified channels and two non attenuated and non amplified channels). It also has microwave electronics (spectrum analyzer, arbitrary wave generator and vector network analyzer).

Refrigerador Cryofree Gifford McMahon que permite controlar la temperatura entre 4 – 70 K. Cuenta con cableado estándar para hacer medidas de transporte dc y cableado de microondas rf apto para medidas hasta varios GHz. Además, incorpora un electroimán (hasta 0.3 Tesla) y permite alinear la muestra con respecto al campo magnético en las tres direcciones del espacio. Actualmente se utiliza para hacer medidas magnéticas con nanoSQUIDs de YBCO fabricados en el INMA, con sensibilidad de unos pocos magnetones de Bohr, operativo a temperaturas < 70 K, y bajo campos magnéticos < 0.3 T

 Persona de contacto: Mª José Martínez (

Dilution Cooler with base temperature ~ 30 mK, controllable up to ~4K and magnetic field up to 5T.  Currently equipped for electrical transport measurements (R(T, H); I(V), etc) in superconductors.  It can operate with vector magnet (9:1:1 T). It is a relatively fast equipment. It has standard wiring for electrical and magnetic measurements.

Contact person: Fernando Bartolomé (

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