Microbiological Analysis, Biobank and Radioactivity Facility

Microbiological Analysis

NCB3 Biological Safety Laboratory authorized nationally by the Ministry of Environment to work with Genetically Modified Organisms type 3.

Microbiological techniques for isolation, identification and enumeration of microorganisms; Study of sensitivity of microorganisms to antimicrobials.
Environmental microbiology. Sterilization of biosafety cabinets and rooms, with microbiological control of the process; Culture and maintenance of microorganisms in incubators at different temperature and atmosphere conditions; Genetics of mycobacteria.

Equipment: NCB3 containment level laboratory.

Contact: micosai@unizar.es
Web: https://sai.unizar.es/analisis-microbiologico/index.php


Transversal infrastructure to support research that integrates and gives visibility to the collections of biological samples and clinical data, representative of different pathologies, which are generated in collaboration with the Aragonese health centers.

Technical, ethical and legal advice is provided to ensure proper sample handling. Collections of samples linked to specific pathologies and collections with population samples are available (information about collections: https://www.iacs.es/servicios/biobanco/colecciones/).

Scientific Director: Dr. Alba de Martino Rodríguez,
Technical Coordinator: Delia Recalde Frisón, drecalde.iacs@aragon.es
Web: https://www.iacs.es/servicios/biobanco/

Radioactivity Facility

Small second-tier Radioactivity facility through which the possibility of handling certain beta and gamma isotopes for molecular and cell biology techniques is offered, and also serves as a support laboratory for the Nano SPECT-CT equipment of the Medical Imaging and Phenotyping SCT.

Second Category Radioactivity Facility through which IACS offers the possibility to handle certain beta and gamma isotopes for molecular and cellular biology techniques, and also serves as a support laboratory for the SCT Medical Imaging and Phenotyping Nano SPECT-CT equipment. Facility authorized to handle the following isotopes: 3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, 99mTc, 125I, 235U and 238U.

Facility Supervisor-Coordinator: Javier Godino (jgodino.iacs@aragon.es)
Supervisor (Medical Imaging Area): Eduardo Romanos ( eromanos.iacs@aragon.es)
Web: https://www.iacs.es/servicios/servicios-cientifico-tecnicos/instalacion-radiactividad/

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