In vivo experimentation
Infrastructure and services to carry out animal experimentation including medical imaging and phenotyping services.

This facility is dedicated to the maintenance of rat, mouse and gerbil species, as well as to the development of experimental procedures performed with these species.
Services: i) housing and breeding of colonies (rodents). Stabling areas in SPF, conventional and NCB2 conditions: ventilated and conventional racks. Ii) Experimental services: sterilization center, SAS, radioactive imaging laboratory (SPECT-CT), optical imaging, metabolism and telemetry, activity and behavior, inhalation anesthesia. Iii) animal supply. Iv) transgenesis

Tlfno: (+34) 976 761252 / (+34) 976 713597

It offers support to university and business research, being registered as an Animal Experimentation Center and classified as a breeding center, supplier and user. For this purpose, it has more than 6,900 m² and has highly qualified personnel, and an appropriate instrumental and infrastructure endowment, including poultry facilities, dairy sheep facilities, meat sheep facilities, artificial lactation facilities, bovine facilities, swine facilities, canine facilities, rabbits facilities, equine facilities, animal house, and feed processing plant.

Contact: /

It supports the development of research projects and training activities in surgery and microsurgery in pig, sheep, rabbit and rat animal models. It has transient animal stabling, laparoscopy and ultrasound towers, a microsurgery room and three fully equipped operating rooms (one double) managed by specialized personnel and a necropsy operating room.

Equipment: 3 fully equipped operating rooms (one double) and microsurgery room; laparoscopy and ultrasound towers; sterilization center.

Tfno: (+34) 976 761252 / (+34) 976 713597

This service develops its activity in rodents. It offers support in the evaluation of animal models for different pathologies through preclinical imaging equipment, telemetry, and functional tests. It has Fluorescence Optical Imaging equipment for monitoring cellular processes, Doppler Laser Imaging for vascular flow monitoring, Gamma Imaging of radiotracers (NanoSPECT-CT), Telemetry (blood pressure, temperature, EEG biopotentials, ECG and EMG), Metabolism, Sensory-motor system and different procedures with rodents. The medical imaging service also offers support for animal pre-preparation, inoculation of cell lines, fluorescent particles, sample collection and data processing and pre-experimental preparation and data processing support.

Equipment: IVIS® Lumina, Laser Doppler and SPECTCT BioScan/Mediso NanoSPECT/CT) imaging equipment; Telemetry, Food & Drink stations and Oxilet System; Open Field, Treadmill, Activity Boxes, Hot/Cold Plate


Equipment to quantitatively measure sensory block and equipment to quantitatively measure motor block and pain in rodent anesthesia studies. They are very specific to evaluate if a local anesthetic achieves such anesthesia.

Equipment: Hot/Cold Plate NG (Ugo Basile) and Incapacitance Tester (Panlab).

Contact: Manuel Arruebo (

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