Microscopy for biological samples
Infrastructure that allows the visualization, capture and digitization of images of biological samples by optical and electron microscopy.

The Microscopy and Imaging Service of CIBA has 3 confocal microscopy equipments:
1) Zeiss LSM 880: with high sensitivity spectral detector that allows the acquisition of multichannel fluorescent images in live samples with real-time spectral separation of fluorochromes. It has a coupled incubation system to maintain live cells under controlled conditions of temperature, humidity and CO2/O2.
2) Leica SP2: with 3 detection channels + DIC, and 7 laser excitation channels. It allows the acquisition of high spatial resolution images of fluorescently labeled samples, and their analysis.
3) Olympus Fv10i: it is a fully automated equipment that allows operation by inexperienced users in confocal microscopy after a brief in-service training.

Location: CIBA
Contact: María Royo (mroyo.iacs@aragon.es, 976713810)
Web: https://www.iacs.es/servicios/servicios-cientifico-tecnicos/microscopia/

The CIBA Microscopy and Imaging Service offers within its portfolio of services the staining technique known as immunofluorescence. This technique is based on the use of antibodies bound to a fluorescent substance to mark the presence of a specific molecule (protein, carbohydrate, small molecules) in tissues and cell cultures. It can be used in combination with conventional fluorophores such as DAPI to label DNA.
User manipulation is supported, and a stock of antibodies is available to perform immunofluorescence.

Location: CIBA
Contact: María Royo (mroyo.iacs@aragon.es, 976713810)

The Microscopy and Imaging Service of CIBA has the following equipment:
1) Leica time-lapse microscope AF6000 LX: for advanced brightfield and fluorescence widefield imaging and analysis with “time-lapse” high quantum efficiency sCMOS camera. It allows researchers to image live cells under near-physiological conditions, enabling them to better understand cellular processes and dynamics.
2) Olympus IX81 inverted optics fluorescence microscope: Allows the acquisition of fluorescence and/or transmitted illumination (BF and Ph) images in cultures and/or fixed cells and slices of animal and plant tissues.
3) Leica DMLA: equipped with a Hamamatsu 9100-02 camera (EM CCD) suitable for pre-checking of samples by eyepieces.

Location: CIBA
Contact: María Royo (mroyo.iacs@aragon.es, 976713810)
Web: https://www.iacs.es/servicios/servicios-cientifico-tecnicos/microscopia/

TIRF module for dynamic studies by total internal reflection.

Contact: María Moros (mamoros@unizar.es)

The optical microscopy service is specially adapted for studies in Geology, Material Sciences, Archaeology, Mining, etc. The following equipment is available:

1) Olympus AX-70 polarization petrographic microscope: transmitted and reflected light with units for fluorescence (450-480nm/515nm and 510-550nm/590nm).

2) Leica DMV6-A digital microscope: with Leica LAS X Modules with integrated multiple incident illumination (LED and Coaxial) controllable by software to measure, create multifocus, panoramic XY and 3D images.

The imaging service performs editing, measurement, processing and enhancement of images obtained through the microscope and others provided by the user in different media.

Location: Facultad de Ciencias, edificio A
Contact: Ana M.ª Antón y M.ª Luisa Pérez (smoi@unizar.es, 976761540)
Web: https://sai.unizar.es/microscopia-optica-e-imagen/index

It has two sets of equipment: 1) JEOL JEM 1010 100kV transmission electron microscopy for imaging; and 2) JEOL JSM 6360-LV scanning with backscattered and secondary electron detectors in high and low vacuum mode with capacity to hold samples up to 15 cm.

A sample preparation service for transmission microscopy is also available, including resin embedding, ultramicrotomy and staining of cells and tissues, and sample coating with gold, gold/palladium, silver, and platinum for scanning microscopy. This service also includes semi-thin sections for light microscopy and digital image processing.

Location: Facultad de medicina
Contact: María José Marín y Rosa Bueno (smesb@unizar.es, 976761685)
Web: https://sai.unizar.es/microscopia-electronica-de-sistemas-biologicos/index

The service has a Nova 200 dual beam or “Dual Beam” equipment with a cryogenic chamber that is especially suitable for the analysis of soft materials, such as biological materials. The equipment allows sputtering coatings and fractures of soft materials. The equipment allows obtaining, at low temperature, topological images of secondary electrons and compositional images of backscattered electrons and secondary ions, which are sensitive to the crystallographic direction of the sample. It also has EDS for elemental chemical analysis. In addition, the equipment allows nanofabrication and micromanipulation.

Location: Campus Río Ebro, Edificio Edificio I+D+i
Contact: lma@unizar.es, 976762980
Web: https://lma.unizar.es/cryogenic-dual-beam-nova/

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