Materials Science Processing Techniques
Materials Science Processing Techniques

The freeze-drying process removes the water from the samples in a freezing process and subsequent vacuum sublimation. There are several basic equipment for lyophilization of aqueous samples with a volume of 25 ml and up to 100 ml, in different vials through a manifold. One of the equipment has trays to lyophilize samples in small vials.

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It is an incubator with orbital shaking (30 to 250 rpm) and temperature control (10 to 60 degrees Celsius).

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Press with an oil bath to press powders into a desired shape with an elastomer. It is mainly used to form ceramic bars and tubes.

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There are several equipment for centrifugation of samples, with adapters for vials from 25 to 100mL and centrifugation speeds up to 20000rpm.

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Small system specialized in removing organic matter that remains on small surfaces after previous cleaning steps with solvents or other agents.

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