In vitro experimentation
Infrastructure and services for working with cell cultures and for performing cell separation and cytometry

– We have 3 cell culture rooms of different types where cell culture experiments can be performed.

a) R&D Building: NCB1 laboratory: Contact: Gerardo Goya (
b)  Circe Building: laboratio NCB 2: Contact: María Moros (
c) c) CIBA (IACS): laboratory NCB2: Contact: David García ( External service managed by IACS, Web:

In addition, a BIO II ADVANCE 4, Telstar biosafety cabinet is available for working with bacteria at CIBA. (Contact: Manuel Arruebo (

Training and advising on culture work; Complete performance of cell culture work; Obtaining primary cultures from different tissue origins (animal and human); Generation of human and animal embryonic and adult cell lines; Induced differentiation of stem cells into different cell types; Identification and characterization of differentiated cells using Molecular and Cell Biology techniques; Genetic engineering techniques for modification and marking of specific cell lineages: Molecular and Cell Biology methods and techniques for the characterization of the cellular phenotypes obtained.

Contact: David García (


It is a device to measure whether an in vitro cell barrier model has been formed correctly.

Equipment: Millicell ERS Micropolymeter, Merck

Contact: Manuel Arruebo (

Cell characterization by flow cytometry, Cell separation by flow cytometry, Magnetic cell separation, Multiplex analysis. It provides information on the physical and chemical characteristics of cells or particles in suspension passing through a light source (laser). The flow cytometer uses laser excitation and a system for detecting the light signal emitted by the cell under examination to measure parameters such as cell size and complexity, DNA content, presence of membrane or intracellular proteins, integrity of the cytoplasmic membrane, mitochondrial membrane potential or enzyme activity.
Cytometry and Cell Separation

Equipment: FACSAria separating cytometers and Gallios analyzer, Labscan100 multiplex analyzer. Cytometric

Equipment: ImageStreamX Amnis morphocytometric system, Fluoromax IV Spectrofluorimeter.



The cytomics service offers the university community, public institutions and companies the latest technologies in the field of cellular characterization and quantification of parameters by fluorescence and absorption. The techniques are based on the simultaneous detection and quantification of various cellular parameters. This conjunction allows multi-parametric studies on biological samples consisting of heterogeneous cell populations, detecting and quantifying their various components. Likewise, the instrumentation allows the physical separation of previously recognized populations. Among the available techniques are: determination of senescent cells, APo5 test of apoptosis/necrosis, determination of leukocyte formula, determination of antibodies in blood, quantification of intracellular free radicals.



It allows cell characterization by flow cytometry. The equipment has 1 active laser (488 nm) and 4 channels for fluorescence detection.

CytoFLEX System B4-R0-V0

 Contact: María Moros (

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