Electrical, magnetic and transport properties
Electrical, magnetic and transport properties
Electrical, magnetic and transport properties
Physical characterization techniques play a crucial role in materials science, providing information on the mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical and transport properties of a material. This information is critical in determining how a material will behave in different environments and conditions, which is essential for the development of new materials and products, as well as in quality control processes. At INMA, researchers have a wide variety of techniques at their disposal, with emphasis on covering a wide range of physical quantities (temperature, field, potential, etc.)

Quantum Design MPMS/XL platform for magnetometry, based on a highly sensitive SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) sensor that measures magnetic signals by extraction and/or vibration method (STO). Our instrument offers several options and measurement modes: magnetization up to 5T, DC and AC susceptibility (up to 1 kHz), all in variable temperature from 1.8 to 400K. We have options to perform angle-dependent measurements on single crystals, to illuminate the sample in situ, among others.

Contact: Servicio de Medidas Físicas

Request: SAI

2 PPMS platforms from Quantum Design, Inc. for physical measurements, with multiple options for various transport and magnetotransport measurements, calorimetric, magnetic (based on VSM with high sensitivity of magnetization up to 14T, DC and AC susceptibility (up to 10 kHz), thermal transport, DC resistivity and AC transport, all in variable temperature from 1.8 to 400K. We have options to perform calorimetry measurements at very low temperatures (T > 0.35K), and others such as atomic force microscopy (AFM) and magnetic force microscopy (MFM), etc..

Contact: Servicio de Medidas Físicas

Request: SAI

The NanoMOKE3 (Quantum Design – Durham Magneto Optics) is a hybrid of a MOKE magnetometer with Kerr effect microscope. It allows measurement of the magnetic properties of thin films and magnetic nanostructures for application in nanotechnology, magnetic RAM (MRAM), recording heads, structured magnetic support, spintronics and magnetoelectronics, GMR and TMR, thin film magnetics, and magnetic field sensors. Integrated and automated optics. Allows measurement of magnetization in longitudinal, transverse (with in-plane applied field) and polar (with out-of-plane applied field) configurations with high accuracy.

The institute has several magnetic, electrical and magneto-transport characterization equipment specialized in various aspects of materials science and nanoscience. The equipment is distributed in various cryostats with different temperature ranges and applied magnetic fields of different strengths.

– VSM with thermal range from T = 4 K to 300 K and VSM with thermal range from T = 77 K to 1000 K. Contact person: Pedro Algarabel (algarabe@unizar.es)

– Multipurpose support from 4K to 300K and magnetic field up to 1 Tesla for magneto-resistance, resistivity, Spin Seebeck effect, ferroelectric cycling and impedance analysis. Contact person: Pedro Algarabel (algarabe@unizar.es)

– OXFORD cryostat with superconducting magnet up to B=7 T and thermal range from T = 1.4 K to 400 K with standard wiring for transport measurements. It also has a rotator. Contact person: Mª José Martínez  (pemar@unizar.es)

– Magnetoresistance measuring equipment as a function of the transverse angle of the electric current and the magnetic field equipped with a nanovoltmeter for measurements at room temperature up to very small currents. Contact person: Fernando Bartolomé / Julia Herrero (bartolom@unizar.es / julia.herrero@unizar.es)

– Cryofree cryostat Contact person: José María de Teresa (deteresa@unizar.es)

Multipurpose support from 4K to 300K and magnetic field up to 1 Tesla for measurements of magneto-resistance, resistivity, Spin Seebeck effect, ferroelectric cycles and impedance analysis..
Simultaneous measurement system for electrical resistivity and Seebeck coefficient in the thermal range from ambient T up to 1100 ºC.
Hall characterization equipment in the thermal range from ambient T to 200ºC.


Contact person: Andrés Sotelo (asotelo@unizar.es)

Material or coil cooling systems up to 5 K by means of cryocoolers. The equipment is prepared to pass through the sample currents up to 400 A in continuous regime and more than 800 A in pulsed regime to improve energy yields.

Contact person: Elena Martínez (elenamar@unizar.es)

Measuring equipment consisting of a signal generator for rf magnetic fields at frequencies up to 20 GHz. This dynamic magnetic field is combined with a static magnetic field to excite the ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) of a magnetic sheet forming a bilayer next to a sheet of non-magnetic material. Using two lock-in amplifiers, it is possible to detect the FMR signal through a photodiode or the signal due to the inverse spin Hall effect in the non-magnetic material layer, produced by the injection of a pure spin current through the interfacial due to the excitation of the FMR..

 Contact person: Soraya Sangiao (sangiao@unizar.es)

Ferroelectric measurement equipment essential in the study of magnetoelectric multiferroic materials. The equipment is capable of determining the electrical polarization under high voltages up to 10 kV. It allows measurements in liquid nitrogen and we also have an inset that can be coupled to Quantum Design PPMS platforms for measurements at liquid He temperatures.

 Contact person: Javier Blasco / Gloria Subías (jbc@unizar.es / gsubias@unizar.es)

Electrochemical characterization equipment: I-V measurements, impedance spectroscopy, electrical conductivity, diffusion and transport, durability tests, capacity to measure power up to 800W, etc. Temperature and atmospheric measurements (O2, H2, CO, CO2, hydrocarbons, relative humidity control). Gas determination by chromatography.

 Contact person: Miguel Ángel Laguna / Rosa Isabel Merino (malguna@unizar.es / Rosa Isabel Merino)

The only existing equipment capable of quantifying SAR/SLP (heating capacity of magnetic nanoparticles under the action of an alternating magnetic field rf) under adiabatic conditions and by the pulsed heating method (high precision). It allows the use of various frequencies and field amplitudes, and is the only one that can measure as a function of temperature (-100°C to 80°C). 100% INMA instrumental development.

 Contact person: Eva Natividad (evanat@unizar.es)

Irradiation of materials in solid, liquid, cell cultures.

 Contact person: Jesús Martínez de la Fuente (jmfuente@unizar.es)

The magnetotransport insert fits into the 1-inch bore of a variable temperature cryostat equipped with an 8 Tesla (vertical) and 2 Tesla (horizontal) 2D vector magnet. Different adapters allow the user to apply the larger magnetic field in the plane of the sample or perpendicular to it, while a closed-feedback rotary piezoelectric controller converts the 2D magnetic field into a true 3D vector magnet. Temperature range from 1.8 to 300 K. An octagonal chip holder provides up to 8 electrical connections terminated in BNC connectors on the outside. The insert is designed to allow simultaneous AFM measurements (MFM and PFM included).

 Contact person: David Serrate (serrate@unizar.es)

8-channel potentiostat/galvanostat (GAMRY).
Each of the channels allows standard electrochemical characterization measurements plus impedance measurements. 

The equipment can reach currents up to 1A, voltages above 5 volts and impedance measurements at frequencies up to 1 MHz.


 Contact person: María Bernechea (mbernechea@unizar.es)

Kerr focused beam magnetometer for the study of three-dimensional magnetic nanomaterials. It allows measuring magnetization in longitudinal, transverse (with in-plane applied field) and polar (with out-of-plane applied field) configurations.


 Contact: Amalio Fernández-Pacheco (amaliofp@unizar.es)

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