Action plan

Proposal for improvement 1.

The INMA Equality Committee will promote the dissemination of issues of equality, inclusion and diversity throughout the institute, using the media and communication channels available to the center for greater visibility of these issues.

The Equality section has been created on the INMA website, to, among other purposes, share the various plans and resources available to all its staff and other news of interest in the field of equality. In addition, it has created the contact email to which all members of the INMA can contact to communicate suggestions, proposals, initiatives or request specific information.

These measures will increase the knowledge of INMA members about the equality plans implemented in their respective institutions, as well as the mechanisms and protocols for action in situations of harassment, abuse and discrimination.

Proposal for improvement 2.

The Equality Committee, in harmony with the INMA Training Committee, will propose the delivery of at least one training course/workshop on reconciliation, equality, inclusion and diversity in the 2022-2023 academic year. In addition, it will make specific dissemination of external courses on these topics and other related ones in which INMA staff can participate.

Proposed improvement 3.

The Equality Committee has created a completely anonymous and confidential mailbox both to perform actions and proposals for improvement in terms of equality in inclusion in INMA and to report situations of abuse or harassment in the center. This channel is designed to listen, help and inform about the protocols and specific mechanisms that INMA has to deal with such situations. The mailbox is available through the following LINK, accessible from the equality section of the INMA website. (

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