El Rescate del Titán

El Rescate del Titán

This fast-paced 40-minute scientific adventure game interweaves elements of a treasure hunt, role-playing game and “escape room” in which participants experiment, learn nanoscience, deduce from our research results and do live science to overcome tests and achieve the goal: to rescue the Titan. The participants, playing in teams, must be able to solve the different clues that a thief has left for his accomplice in order to open the hiding place containing his loot: the valuable TITAN microscope.

The main objective has been to arouse interest in science, its knowledge, its development and the results of research through fun, bringing science and innovation closer to the general public from the age of 13, from a close and everyday point of view.

The activity promotes the understanding of scientific concepts, stimulating interest in nanoscience and scientific interest at a personal level, as well as creativity and innovation at a professional level, learning first-hand about the research carried out at INMA.

This project has been included by FECYT in the 2017 FECYT Catalogue of innovative practices.

“El Rescate del Titán” is a game of wit in which participants, in teams, must solve a case. To do so, they will have to decipher different brain teasers, many of them related to nanoscience. This innovative, attractive and dynamic activity is designed for users aged 14 and over.

They will have 40 thrilling minutes against the clock to solve, working as a team, the different clues that a thief has left his accomplice to open the place where the thief hides his loot: the TITAN.

But what is the TITAN?

The TITAN is an electron microscope installed at the Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon (INMA). This equipment belongs to a new generation of ultra-high resolution transmission electron microscopes and has such a high sensitivity that even breathing near the device can affect the results.

The thief has undoubtedly made off with a great haul.

This project has been selected to form part of FECYT’s “Innovative Practices” catalogue.

EL RESCATE DEL TITÁN, project selected in the FECYT catalogue of “Innovative Practices”.

El Rescate del Titán, a project funded by FECYT, has been included in the 2017 catalogue of good practices (link to FECYT -pages 10 and 11). El rescate del Titán is an escape room game in which participants have to help find the Titan ultra-high resolution microscope that has been stolen from the facilities of the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón.


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