Science doesn’t stop in summer. Discover the new Science arcade in the Aragon Planetarium

Science doesn’t stop in summer. Discover the new Science arcade in the Aragon Planetarium

If you like arcades and science, don’t miss the Hi Score Science arcade machine that has just been installed at the Aragon Planetarium in Huesca. Hi Score Science is a game that aims to satisfy the scientific curiosity with which we are all born and which leads us to ask ourselves why things happen. Hi Score Science allows you to test your scientific knowledge and find explanations to questions such as Why doesn’t the Moon fall towards the Earth? or How often can you see a solar eclipse in the same place?

The videogame, in addition to the arcade version, has been published in Spanish, English, French and Basque for mobile devices (iOS and Android), PC, Mac and Linux and has regional and national on-site and online tournaments in three categories: junior (primary school students), youth (secondary and high school students who can participate individually and/or forming a team with their school) and senior (over 18 years old). The game can be downloaded free of charge and without advertising from the Play Store, Apple Store and, where you will also find all the information about the different competitions.

This project is developed by the Scientific Culture Unit of the research institutes ISQCH, Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea, e Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, INMA, both joint institutes of the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza, and has the collaboration of the Aragonese Astronomical Centre, Planetarium of Aragon, a planetarium and observatory that seeks to study the Universe and the celestial bodies or stars. The fact that it is developed by two research institutes allows for the inclusion of informative explanations of the scientific reality behind each of the answers.

From this week onwards, visitors to the Planetarium of Aragon (, located in the Walqa Technology Park, plot 13, P.º Oeste, s/n, 22197 Cuarte, Huesca, will be able to enjoy the arcade version of Hi Score Science during the Planetarium’s opening hours, Monday to Friday from 12.30 to 14.00, Saturdays from 11.00 to 14.00 and from 18.30 to 24.00 and Sundays from 11.00 to 14.00.



Jul 24 2023 - Sep 30 2023


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