“Nanorevolution” is a space in which visitors are the protagonists, a mostly interactive exhibition that uses technology to introduce participants to the world of the smallest, the unseen, nanoscience.

The general objectives to be achieved with the design of this exhibition are:
1.- To bring nanoscience research and innovation closer to young schoolchildren from a close and everyday perspective, in order to help them understand this new discipline. The project brings new concepts of science and shows real applications in market products whose properties have been improved thanks to nanoscience, making it something tangible and close to them. In addition, NanoRevolution is an ideal space for INA researchers to present part of their research to the public, thus bringing the work of the researcher closer to the general public.
2.- To encourage experimentation among young people with an interactive exhibition in which visitors will be the protagonists. Making the participant the centre of a scientific event facilitates the understanding of complex scientific concepts or phenomena. This is achieved thanks to nanoscience challenges where schoolchildren work with their own hands on aspects related to this branch of science.


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