The researchers Elena Atrián and Isabel Franco, from the Aragon Nanoscience and Materials Institute, INMA, a joint institute between the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza, have developed Bacterfield, a board game that aims to raise awareness of the exciting world of microbiology and how researchers work to create new materials and treatments to combat antimicrobial resistance, a growing threat.

Bacterfield is a strategy board game, for 2 to 4 players (from 14 years old), in which the growth of bacteria can be controlled. In order to achieve the objective, different action cards will be used, which will provide the necessary help to win the game.

It is not necessary to have previous knowledge of microbiology in order to play, but rather the game mechanics itself will help you to discover it. To do so, you will have to collect bacteria, plan a strategy and use the cards to acquire new genes or to eliminate rival bacteria.

The game, which is available in Spanish and English, will be used in different events in secondary schools and associations.

The game has been designed and developed with the collaboration of the Fundación General CSIC’s Cuenta la Ciencia, 3rd edition, and the European Commission’s Marie Sklodowska-Curie project, No 845427.

PepiPOM project, “Peptide-functionalized POMs as biofilm disruption agents: searching for synergy in bactericidal materials”, 845427; Coordinador: Scott G. Mitchell.

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