The sixth season of “De Copas con Ciencia” comes to an end with a session in tribute to José Ignacio García Laureiro

The sixth season of “De Copas con Ciencia” comes to an end with a session in tribute to José Ignacio García Laureiro

The last session of the VI season of the popular science project “De Copas con Ciencia” will take place on Thursday 25th May with a special session dedicated to our colleague José Ignacio García Laureiro, CSIC Research Professor at the Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea, ISQCH, a joint institute of the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza, who this year received the posthumous title in the X Edition of the José María Savirón Prize for Scientific Dissemination.

The session will include a talk, games with Hi Score Science and monologues in his honour by four of his great colleagues and friends: José María Fraile, Elisabet Pires, Pilar López and Luis Rández.

De Copas con Ciencia is an initiative that aims to satisfy the scientific curiosity of the population in a relaxed, entertaining and fun way during leisure time, bringing it to the bars. The activity is aimed at the whole population with scientific curiosity without the need for specific training in science and aims to be a meeting point for science lovers in order to facilitate the creation of scientific debates between experts and the general public.

The activity is organised by the research institutes ISQCH (Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea) and INMA (Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon), both joint centres CSIC – University of Zaragoza.

The next session, with free admission, will take place on 25 May at 20:00 at El Sótano Mágico, Calle San Pablo 43, Zaragoza ( and will feature the following presentations:

“Avogadro vs Hahnemann” José María Fraile Dolado

In the transition from the 18th to the 19th century, two ways of looking at science crossed paths: Avogadro’s hypothesis and Hahnemann’s homeopathic theory. We will see how they compare in the light of current scientific knowledge.

José María Fraile Dolado is a scientific researcher at the CSIC and director of the ISQCH. His research has focused on Heterogeneous Catalysis applied to Organic Synthesis and its relationship with Sustainable Chemistry, and more recently to the transformation of renewable raw materials and waste, within the context of the Circular Economy. He has published more than 180 scientific articles and has supervised 12 doctoral theses.

– To be or not to be… adherent” – Elisabet Pires Ezquerra

Chemistry is capable of responding to the needs of society and in this monologue we will review how polymers have been developed that are capable of effectively adhering to any surface, known as superadhesives, and, on the other hand, materials have been designed that confer non-stick properties to metallic or textile surfaces, all of which are very useful in our daily lives.

Elísabet Pires Ezquerra is Professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry and researcher at ISQCH. Her research is carried out in the field of Sustainable Chemistry. She has held several management positions and actively participates in different outreach activities such as Hola somos científicas, CSI, Hi Score Science, De Copas con Ciencia and is a member of the monologue group Risarchers.

“We are many” – Luis Rández García

Indeed, “we are many” and as the bullfighter Rafael “El Gallo” seems to have said after talking to Ortega y Gasset, “there are people for everything”. This will become clear when you get to know the answers given by different professionals to simple questions about arithmetic operations… how to divide a cake for two people… In short, you will have to come.

Luis Rández García is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Zaragoza. His research focuses on the numerical resolution of differential problems. He regularly participates in popularising science by giving lectures and in activities such as “Pint of Science”, “Copas con Ciencia”, “La noche de los investigadores”… and is a member of the group of scientific monologuists RISARCHERS of the University of Zaragoza.


“Put a chemist in your life” – Pilar López Ram de Viu

Chemistry is sometimes frowned upon. But… is it really so bad that there is a conspiracy that wants to do away with chemists? Let’s try to reflect on the subject and set the record straight.

Pilar López Ram de Viu holds a PhD in Chemical Sciences (1991), is Professor in the Department of Organic Chemistry (2000) and researcher at ISQCH. In addition to her teaching and research work, she has held several university management positions, and is actively involved in various scientific dissemination projects.


Hi Score Science es un juego de preguntas y respuestas sobre ciencia, en español e inglés, para dispositivos móviles, iOS y Android que está desarrollado entre los dos institutos de investigación, el ISQCH y el INMA, lo que permite incluir explicaciones divulgativas de la realidad científica que se esconde detrás de cada una de las respuestas. El juego se puede descargar de manera gratuita y sin publicidad en Apple Store y en Play Store: y para Windows, iOS y Linux en Además la aplicación permite a los usuarios participar en el proyecto enviándonos sus propias preguntas a través de una página web habilitada para ello

Hi Score Science is a game of questions and answers about science, in Spanish and English, for mobile devices, iOS and Android that is developed between the two research institutes, the ISQCH and the INMA, which allows to include explanations of the scientific reality that lies behind each of the answers. The game can be downloaded free of charge and without advertising at Apple Store and Play Store: and for Windows, iOS and Linux at The app also allows users to participate in the project by sending us their own questions via a dedicated website


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May 25 2023


20:00 - 22:00

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