INMA Impulso: Paul Fenter

INMA Impulso Seminar: “New Opportunities for Nanoscale X-ray Imaging” – Paul Fenter

On Tuesday 30 January will take place a new session of the INMA Impulso lecture series, a series of conferences that seeks to bring the most cutting-edge research to society.

The next session entitled “New Opportunities for Nanoscale X-ray Imaging” will be given by Paul Fenter, of the Argonne National Laboratory, USA, which will present new microscopies based on the use of X-rays to study the internal structure of nanoscopic systems such as nanometric crystals or thin films.

Summary of the talk:

Coherent X-rays enable fundamentally new microscopies to image complex materials. Notably, their ability to directly observe the actual arrangement of structural defects and lattice distortions enables structure-propery relationships of nano-scale materials to be observed directly.

This talk will highlight progress towards achieving these opportunities, including a summary of key developments. Experimental results will be presented that illustrate the importance of structural defects in the morphology and reactivity of mineral nanoparticles, using Bragg coherent diffraction imaging. Recent efforts to extend these capabilities to image interfaces and thin films will be described, along with a perspective on future opportunities.

The conference will take place on Tuesday 30 January, at 12 noon, in the Sala de Grados of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Zaragoza


Announcing poster


Jan 30 2024


12:00 - 13:00

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