De Copas Con Ciencia: Fernando Bartolomé, Ricardo Rodríguez & Mª Pilar del Río

Last “De Copas Con Ciencia” of the season with quantum and art

Next Thursday 28 April marks the end of the sixth season of the successful project “De copas con ciencia”. A project that aims to satisfy the scientific curiosity of the general public in a relaxed, entertaining and fun way in leisure time by bringing it to the bars. The activity is aimed at the entire population with scientific curiosity without the need for specific training in science and aims to be a meeting point for science lovers to facilitate the creation of scientific debates between experts and the general public.

De Copas con Ciencia is an initiative of the research institutes, ISQCH (Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis) and INMA (Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon), both joint centres CSIC – University of Zaragoza, which, next Thursday, will close the season with three great popularizers and scientists, who will talk about quantum breathing and bring out the artist that every scientist has inside.

The session, with free admission, will take place on 28 April at 20:00 in the Magic Basement, Calle San Pablo 43, Zaragoza (

The session on Thursday 28 April will feature:

– “Quantum Respiration” – Fernando Bartolomé
A brief comparison of the molecular process of respiration with experiments on similar molecular systems with tunneling microscopy and synchrotron radiation carried out by our team at INMA, in our laboratories and several European synchrotrons: Breathing is an essentially quantum process.

Fernando Bartolomé Usieto is a CSIC Research Scientist at the Institute of Nanoscience and Materials of Aragon, INMA. After obtaining his PhD in Physical Sciences from the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR), he worked as a Researcher at the Néel Institute (CNRS, Grenoble), as an Associate Professor at UNIZAR and as a Visiting Researcher at the Argonne National Laboratory (USA). He is Principal Investigator of the Synchrotron Radiation and Materials – Research and Applications Group “RASMIA”, recognised as a Reference by the Government of Aragon. He has been awarded the Prize to New Researchers by the Spanish Royal Society of Physics. Author of more than 150 research publications on magnetic materials and nanoscience. Frequent participant in scientific dissemination.

– Scientists: the new artists… or not???”- Ricardo Rodríguez and Mª Pilar del Río
If someone told us to put a face to an artist, we would think of Lola Flores, Picasso, Meryl Streep, etc., for example. However, none of us would think of Maria Skłodowska-Curie or Margarita Salas. Is this thinking correct? Is a scientist so far removed from an artist? If we analyse different characteristics of artists and scientists, we will see that there are more similarities than differences, with the creative process being the common thread. A scientist without his ‘Eureka’ is like a singer without his ‘duende’.

Ricardo Rodríguez Martínez works as a CSIC Senior Scientist at the Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis, ISQCH, within the Enantioselective Homogeneous Catalysis Research Group. Her work focuses on the synthesis of new transition metal chiral catalysts and their application in catalytic processes.

Mª Pilar del Río Varea develops her scientific activity as ARAID Researcher (Fundación Agencia Aragonesa para la Investigación y el Desarrollo) at San Jorge University, within the Eco2Chem Research Group of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Her work focuses on the synthesis of new antibiotics that are effective against multi-resistant bacteria while minimising their environmental impact.

In addition, during the session there will be a face-to-face Hi Score Science competition aimed at the general public that will reward the scientific knowledge acquired by the attendees with an informative book.

Hi Score Science is a game of questions and answers about science, in Spanish and English, for mobile devices, iOS and Android that is developed between the two research institutes, the ISQCH and the INMA, which allows to include explanations of the scientific reality that lies behind each of the answers. The game can be downloaded free of charge and without advertising in the Apple Store and Play Store and for Windows, iOS and Linux at In addition, the application allows users to participate in the project by sending their own questions via a dedicated website All questions received and finally published will retain the authorship of the person who submitted the question. Hi Score Science has received the first prize in the international contest of Science in Action in the category “Science Teaching Materials in Interactive Support” (IBM Award), the D+I TOP SEAL, a national recognition that rewards the best projects of INCLUSIVE SCIENTIFIC DISCLOSURE and has been nominated for the THIRD MILLENNIUM AWARDS in the category “Dissemination in Aragon.

The new season will take place after the summer holidays on 27th October 2022.


De Copas Con Ciencia


Apr 28 2022


20:00 - 22:00

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