Chateando con la Ciencia: Ester Lázaro

Chateando con la Ciencia: Life and its search beyond Earth

On Thursday 15th February a new session of the VIII edition of the “Chateando con la Ciencia” series of talks will take place, organised by the Real Zaragoza Club de Tenis with the collaboration of the Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, INMA, a joint institute of the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza, with a talk by Ester Lázaro, INTA Research Scientist at the Centre for Astrobiology (CSIC-INTA) who will give a talk entitled: Life and its search beyond the Earth.

Summary of the talk: Are we alone in the Universe? How has life arisen on Earth? How is it possible for life to adopt such a diversity of forms? These questions are among the great questions that humanity has asked since its origins. Because of their transcendence, they have inspired mythologies, religions and works of art of all kinds. To try to find scientific answers, some decades ago Astrobiology emerged, a discipline whose main objective is to reconstruct the history of life on Earth and to analyse the possibilities of its existence elsewhere in the universe.

With Dr. Ester Lázaro, we will analyse how the scientific discoveries of the last decades have influenced our expectations of finding life on other worlds and our understanding of what that life might be like.


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Feb 15 2024


19:00 - 20:00

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