Safarzadeh Khosrowshahi, Mobin

Predoctoral FPI


Facultad de Ciencias - Edificio D

C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12, 50009, Zaragoza




Mobin received his Bachelor’s (2018) in Extractive Metallurgy from Sahand University, Material Department, Iran. He completed his M.Sc. (2021) in nanomaterial science from the Nanotechnology Department, at the Iran University of Science and Technology. The topic of his master’s thesis was CO2 adsorption by the self-activated biomass-derived porous carbon. His research interests include converting biomass into micro-meso porous carbons, CO2 capture, photocatalysts, oil/water separation, and molecular dynamic simulation. In 2024 he began to work as PhD student at the INMA under contract of CSIC in the research of molten salt – ceramic dual membranes for CO2 separation.

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