Ros Latienda, Blanca

Cated. UZ

Nº ORCID: 0000-0003-4416-1036

Facultad de Ciencias - Edificio D

C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12, 50009, Zaragoza

Télefono. 842277


Web. Member of the reference research group Liquid Crystals and Polymers (CLIP) (E47_23R), funded by Gobierno de Aragón since 2003 and of INMA (formerly ICMA), since 1985. Current research: design, synthesis and characterization of bent-core liquid crystals and supramolecular functional materials. Pioneering research in: a) ferroelectric liquid crystals for nonlinear optics, in a postdoctoral project (Univ. Colorado-Boulder, Prof. D.M Walba, Sept. 1988 - Aug. 1989) and 4 national projects, b) Metallomesogens (liquid crystal with metals) in Spanish (2) and Europan (2) projects, one in collaboration with Philips Research (Netherlands), and co-author of a monograph [Wiley-VCH, ISBN 3527292969]. In 1999 I started working on bent-core liquid crystals, discovered in 1996, contributing to: i) design and synthesis of new compounds; ii) structural, physical and phenomenological studies (col. UPV/EHU); iii) use as functional materials; iv) boosting its supramolecular versatility; highlighting invited review articles on RSC (3) and Wiley-VCH (1), book chapters Wiley-VCH (3), and international conferences (invited and plenary). Participation in Projects: 20 Spanish (4 as PI-coordinator), European (3), and European networks (3). Training activity in research: 10 PhDs (1994-2021) and 1 in progress, postdocs JAE-Doc (1) and Juan de la Cierva (1), tesinas de licenciatura (8), TAD (1), TFG (8), TFM (5) and Erasmus+ (4). Participation in committees of scientific congresses: 12th Int Conf.FLC09, Zaragoza, president, 160 attendees; XXXIX Biennal of Chemistry-RSEQ 2023, Zaragoza, organizing and scientific committee, 1240 attendees; other scientific committees of congresses: 2 national, 2 international. Editorial Board Member: Crystals (MDPI) Sect. LC, ISSN2073-4352 (since 2018); Liquid Crystals (Taylor & Francis) ISSN0267-829 (since 2014); guest co-editor of the special issue “Advanced functional materials assisted by liquid crystal”-Materiales (MDPI), ISSN1996-1944 (2017-18) and University Presses-UNIZAR (since 2013). Participation in R&D management: at UNIZAR, Director of the Area and Vice-Rector for Research (2008-12) and Vice-Rector for Scientific Policy (2019-21); member of the Research and Development Advisory Council (CONAID) of the Government of Aragon-Experimental Sciences and Mathematics Area (2014-22); Member of the Specialized Group in Nanoscience and Molecular Materials-RSEQF and of the Territorial Section of Aragon-RSEQ. Between 2011-2023, evaluation of research projects for AEI-Spain, ANPCT-Argentina, FONDCYT-Chile, Juan de la Cierva (MINECO) and JAE-DOC (CSIC) program. Scientific dissemination: as a researcher, VII Workshop on Scriptwriting and Scientific Documentary Production, UCC-UNIZAR-FECYT, co-scripting and filming the video Cristales Líquidos: Los Materiales Ocultos (2016), in sessions on "Cinema Science"-"Program Cineforum" (2017-18), "Scientific Immersion Week", "UNIZAR-Kids" and "ICMA Presentation Days" (2014-16); as Vice Chancellor for Scientific Policy, responsible for the UCC-UNIZAR, projects FCT-20-16307 (FECYT) and S-TEAM/NIGHT SPANISH TEAM (UE), articles(3). Teaching-research activity: National Schools of Molecular Materials (18 editions until 2022), Postgraduate courses at the U. Concepción (Chile) (2005 and 2017), implementation of UNIZAR study subjects: Materials Science (Lic. and Degree in Chemistry ) or Supramolecular Chemistry (Bachelor of Chemistry and specialized Masters).

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