Oferta de prácticas para estudiantes de Máster (INMA)

International Master Degree in Nanostructured Materials for Nanotechnology Applications – NANOMAT

External practicum (66117), 5 ECTS, course 2020-2021:

Topic: Development of multifunctional catalysts based on nanostructured carbons for bio-refinery processes. Supervisors: Isabel Suelves & José L. Pinilla. Organisation: Instituto de Carboquímica, CSIC.

Topic: Viscosity control on clay suspensionsSupervisor: Alejandro Ansón Casaos. Organisation: Instituto de Carboquímica, CSIC.

Topic: TiO2/graphene electrode for the clean production of H2 by photoelectrocatalysisSupervisors: Alejandro Ansón Casaos & Ana Benito. Organisation: Instituto de Carboquímica, CSIC.

Topic: Thin film nanocomposite membranes based on MOF UiO-66 for water nanofiltrationSupervisors: Prof. Joaquín Coronas, Dr. Carlos Echaide.

Topic: Study on the reuse of MOF components of mixed matrix membranesSupervisor: Prof. Joaquín Coronas.

Topic: Solventless synthesis of MOFs at high pressureSupervisors:  Prof. Joaquín Coronas, Dr. Magdalena Malankowska.

Topic: Interaction of Cooper pairs with magnetic impurities in type-II superconductor nano-depositsSupervisors: David Serrate & José M. de Teresa.

Topic: Design and “dry” synthesis of 2D nanographenes with atomic scale precisionSupervisors: David Serrate & Jorge Lobo.

Topic: Development of enzyme-like catalysts to cause metabolic alterations in tumorsSupervisors: José L. Hueso, Javier Calzada & Jesús Santamaría.

Topic: Development of carbon-based nanocatalysts with enzyme-like response for biomedical applicationsSupervisors: José L. Hueso, Javier Calzada & Jesús Santamaría.