Welcome to the INMA Intranet

To access this Intranet you must be logged in to Google with your institutional email account @unizar. The button below will open the Google Drive associated with this institutional email account @unizar. Once inside this Google Drive, on the left (Figure 1), you will see that there is a shared drive if you have been granted read permission for being a member of INMA. If you cannot see this drive, verify that you are actually logged in with your @unizar account (Figure 2).

The shared unit called “intranet-INMA-unidad-compartida” managed by the account “” is the document repository of the INMA intranet.

All members belonging to INMA, in turn who are users with email account @unizar activated to be Google account, have reading access to the documents deposited in this unit. If you are not sure if your @unizar account is activated as an institutional Google account or you have not yet activated this property, please consult, Cuentas Google, and check the status.

Figura 1

unidad compartida "intranet"

Figura 2

Login con cuenta institucional @unizar

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